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Workshops, registered classes & private sessions offering a trauma conscious, body based path to emotional balance. These offerings can be taken individually and in any order. 



Mindful Somatic Movement and Yogic Awareness practices gently coordinates our body with our mind and emotions. Anxiety and depression can derail our lives, leaving us exhausted, in physical pain, worried and out of attunement with others. Wear comfortable clothing. Bring a yoga mat and water. No previous yoga experience required.

Registered class

Investment: $175 + GST

Meet The Instructor

Stacey Madden she/hers - Mindful Somatic Wellness



A registered Somatic Movement Educator, Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher Trainer and Pelvic Health Professional. Stacey is certified in MindBody Therapy, Somatic Experiencing, Interpersonal Neurobiology and as a Pelvic Fascia Trainer. She offers a whole-person, inclusive approach to emotional health and physical wellbeing. Blending a rich tapestry of modalities and practical experience Stacey endeavours to share what it means to be an integrated and embodied human.

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Education & Certification

  • Mind Body Therapy - Dr. Christine Caldwell Ph.D., BC-DMT, LPC, NCC,

      ACS, Dr. Rae Johnson, Dr. Maureen Gallager, Dr. Abert Wong

  • Somatic Experiencing - ADV2, Dr. Peter Levine

  • Interpersonal Neurobiology - Mindsight Institute - Dr. Dan Seigal

  • Integrative Somatic Parts Work - L2 Frances D. Booth LlCSW

  • Healing Sexula Trauma - Dr. Peter Levine, Dr. Diane Poole Heller 

  • Transcending Sexual Trauma Through Yoga & Meditation - Zabie Yamasaki, Jessica Shcaffer

  • Pre and Perinatal Trauma - Integral Somatic PsychologyTM, Raja Selvam, PhD

  • HeartMath Clinical Certification Anxiety, Depression & Self-Regulation

  • Compassion Fatigue Certification Training for Nurses and Compassion Fatigue Certification for Nurses, Healthcare, & Other Professionals - Debra Alvis, Ph.D.

  • Embodied Social Justice - Embody Lab, Dr. Sara King, Rev. Angel Kyodo Williams

  • Additional: Pelvic Floor Fascia Trainer - Franklin Method, Movement for Trauma - Jane Clapp, Essential Somatics & Clinical Somatics Teacher Training L2, Gentle Somatic Yoga - James Knight, Trauma Informed Yoga & Meditation TT, Energy Medicine Yoga L2, MBSR, Mindfulness Practitioner L3 - Paul Newham, Mind Body Centering - Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen,

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