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Is your soul calling you to take space to reset, rejuvenate and reconnect with yourself?

Are you ready to end the inner conflict and love yourself in the deepest possible way?

Would you like more clarity and direction around your life, your relationships and your true purpose?


“Going on Retreat” is a phrase familiar to most serious meditators. It is usually understood as an opportunity to pull back, get inspired, become spacious, look deep within oneself and connect with people with similar interests—our community. Attending retreats regularly starts to form a more permanent foundation from which we begin to act in our daily lives and affect the way we relate to the world. 


Regular retreats can help you cultivate the inner foundation to teach from direct experience. Once that place is established, you can, with authenticity, share insights and your meditation practice through what you teach and by the way you live your life with a sense of presence, purpose and equanimity.


This retreat will be experiential, using a wide range of techniques and practices to explore the depths of who you are through meditation practices and lessons designed to   help you to access inner peace and thrive in your life and relationships.



  • Various Meditation Sequences & practices using movement, sound, mantra and more

  • Conscious Breathing– the regulation of the breath through different techniques

  • Forgiveness Practices to free yourself, dismantling who you are not and making space for authentic self-expression

  • MIndfulness tools and practices

  • Spiritual Teachings including some Trilotherapy teachings and practices 

  • Mettā – Loving Kindness and Compassion Meditations

  • Spiritual Teachings

  • Noble Silence

  • and More….


The Learning will be experiential as well as conceptual. In this retreat, participants will be supported in developing their personal meditation practice with the intention of incorporating the concepts, techniques and processes learned on retreat to access greater peace, joy and connection. 


The format will include a balance of lecture, practice, informal conversation and mentorship with ample opportunity for exploring questions that may arise.



DEEP INQUIRY into oneself and within the group

SILENCE that will allow you to go within, listen, and unveil the depths of illusion 

EXPLORE what meditation is and the validity of our reality

RESET by taking a break from every day life to gain clarity and direction. Improve your mental, physical and emotional well-being

FREE YOURSELF with a variety of transformational tools and practices to help you learn to live more freely and unconditionally

NOURISH YOURSELF with delicious stillness, nature walks, wholesome meals and deep connection

COMMUNE with nature and life to reconnect with yourself and allow nature to teach you how to live a more balanced, unconditionally loving and cooperative/ co-creative life

HEAL and TRANSFORM trapped emotions, limiting beliefs, and patterns. Rewire your mind's conditioning to sync up with the vibration of your Soul.

CENTER YOURSELF in the truth of who you are through grounding practises, meditation, and mindfulness

EXPAND & EVOLVE as you make yourself available for love and Divine inspiration

CONNECT DEEPLY with who you really are and learn to truly 'see' others.

AWAKEN and SEE life with "FRESH EYES  as you awaken senses, create new experiences and memories, and change our perspective on life. Use this experience to come home to yourself and see with "fresh eyes.”


This course will count toward your 200 Hour or 300 Hour YogaMCC Meditation Teacher Training.


Jeri Tourand

Jeri Tourand, B Ed., is an Unlimited Love Coach, specializing in self-love, forgiveness and relationship coaching. She is a mother of three beautiful daughters, a published author, inspired speaker, Zen Trilotherapy practitioner/ trainer, founder and facilitator of “Living from Heart Center”; Awakening to unconditional love and authentic self expression! Jeri’s mission is to assist people in awakening to deep truth and remembrance of the Divine Love that they are, inspiring them to live life to the fullest, and courageously express their highest potential and truest nature. She has gained massive clarity over the years and moved through huge obstacles to become who she is today; assisting to awaken others with the truths that have transformed her. Since her breakdown/breakthrough in 2009, Jeri has learned how to follow her heart and speak, think and act through love in order to overcome obstacles and self-sabotage. Having studied with many masters, including Zen Master Nissim Amon in Trilotherapy (a blend of Western psychology and Zen Buddhist philosophy), Jeri coaches people to work through their fears, open their hearts, and bring clarity and awareness to their lives. Through life changing teachings and awakening experiences, Jeri’s clients often have a true spiritual awakening and gain the tools they need to live a happy, meaningful and incredibly fulfilling life.

Jeri facilitates group coaching, healing circles, enlightening workshops and retreats including Zen retreats and Unconditional Love retreats to help people awaken and lead us to the tipping point of a more united world that is healed, connected and driven by Love.

Daemond Mano - Meditation Teacher Training Director, YogaMCC Owner

Daemond grew up in Calgary, but he is a traveler by trade, having visited over 30 countries in his life. One of his favorite things to do is understand how other people live on this earth. Like most of us, he has often wondered why we are here. Daemond has sat with Monks in the Temples of South East Asia and has spent time with Aboriginals in Australia learning about Dreamtime. He has journeyed with Shamans in Central America and created concoctions with witch doctors in Africa. He has read and researched much in the vein of spirituality and science and connections between the two, a field called Epigenetics. Daemond is also very passionate about building community and safe containers for seekers to grow into the highest vision of themselves. For him this all starts with a foundation of friendship. Daemond's primary practices are Meditation and Breathwork. He is certified to teach Clarity Breathwork, Numa Breathwork, and has studied breathwork at the Omega Institute in New York. He is also certified to teach Active Meditations from Osho Humaniversity in Holland, Systemic & Family Constellations, and was given permission to teach the life's work of Zen Master Nissim Amon, a modality called Trilotherapy, which includes Zen Buddhist meditation. He also enjoys integrating sound into his offerings and is certified by Jonathan Goldman in sound healing. He's very passionate about sharing all these tools with the humans around him that feel called to explore the depths of who we are.



May 29 - June 2, 2024



FCJ Centre - 219 - 19th Ave SW Calgary, AB


50 Hour Module: $1,360 (includes meals and accommodation in private room with your own bathroom)

EARLY BIRD: First 5 students who register save $200.

PAYMENT PLAN: Pay a $300 deposit, then pay the remainder before the first day of class.

Contact us to register or with any questions at 403-251-9642 or

Register for the entire 300 Hour YogaMcc Meditation Teacher Training for the best value.

CLICK HERE for more information on the YogaMcc Meditation Teacher Training.

Cancellation Policy for the 50 Module: Refunds (minus a $300 Administration Fee) are available up to 14 days before the starting date. Send your written cancellation notification to No refunds on or after the course begins. Deposits are non-refundable.

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