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This offering is by donation and all are welcome!


Please join us for this opportunity to come together as a community and let go of our differences and focus on instead what connects us.

Love and Kindness are inherent in all of us and available to each of us now. As we learn to cultivate these energies within ourselves we may meet each other with open hearts. During challenging times, difficult emotions such as fear, anger, sadness and confusion make it less likely that we are able to respond wisely. When we support ourselves with loving kindness meditation, the challenges of life become more manageable.

The urge to run away, escalate conflict or escape our situation decreases. Instead, we are able to connect with our desire to meet ourselves and others with patience, kindness and clarity. Over time, we develop deeper confidence in our capacity to meet life as it is and to respond in ways that lead to more happiness for ourselves and others.

In this week of practice, meditation teachers from the YogaMcc community will guide loving kindness practice each morning at 7 am and together, we will get each day well-started. Not to worry though if you cannot make the live meditation, you will be sent the recording.

Here are some suggested loving kindness phrases:

May I(you) be happy.

May I(you) be healthy.

May I(you) be safe and protected.

May I(you) live with ease.

All are welcome to join us in a week long return to the heart of meditation practice. Options to donate are provided when you register.

Daily Loving Kindness Meditations will be led by:
Daemond Mano, Anne Cox, Amarin Dawn, Sherry Norman, Leslie Ellestad, & Tracy Roberge

NOTE:  Please go to our schedule & sign into each class from October 11 to 17 at 7am.  If you need help doing this, please give us a call at 403-251-9642