85 Hour Prenatal / Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training


This Yoga Teacher Training is offered by Mamata Yoga at YogaMCC. This comprehensive 85 hour teacher training program is certified with the international governing body of Yoga Alliance. We’ve chosen to design our course over 3 weekends offering 3 core modules, covering pregnancy, labour & delivery and postpartum.

Mamata Yoga believe’s that we are stronger as a community! Throughout our trainings we invite various experts in their fields to share their experiences and knowledge with the group. Spiritual midwifery, reiki in pregnancy, ayurveda consultants, acupuncturist, reflexologist and thai yoga massage for pregnancy to name a few. Healing modailites that allow mother’s to grow and open during pregnancy and to prepare wholeheartedly for the journey into motherhood.

Teaching prenatal yoga asana is the easy part, it’s fostering a loving, non-judgemental enviroment and encouaging women to find their inner strength while tapping into their innate wisdon that is our most important role as a teacher.

The benefits and precautions of Yoga during pregnancy.
The physiology and anatomy changes in pregnancy for each trimester.
The effects of pregnancy on the body.
Physical and emotional changes within pregnancy.
High risk pregnancy conditions.
Asana to support a healthy pregnancy.
Asana class sequence plan for each trimester.
Discomforts of pregnancy and how to modify using yoga asana.
Reiki during pregnancy.
Ayurveda remedies in Pregnancy.
Safe end effective Essential Oils in Fertility and Pregnancy.

Partner Pre-Natal yoga – a focus on partner asana and a mindful connection!
Prenatal Thai Yoga Massage
The stages of labour and delivery.
Mediation and pranayama during pregnancy and birth.
Mantras for a more focused and relaxed birth.
Balancing chakras within pregnancy.
Restorative Yoga in Pregnancy.
How to modify asana using props for specific injuries and ailments.
Use of language, tone, voice and gentle touch in Pre-Natal yoga classes.
Safe and effective Essential oils during labour & delivery.

Post-Natal healing and recovery. The first 6 weeks of motherhood.
Yoga asana to support a healthy recovery.
Incorporating the 8 limbed path for modern motherhood.
Emotional support through the postpartum stage and how to cope using pranayama, meditation and mantras.
Anatomy of the pelvic floor.
Pelvic floor exercises and recovery.
Baby Yoga Asana.
Asana class sequences for Mom & Baby yoga classes!
Safe and effective Essential Oils for postpartum healing and babies!


Upon completion of this program, the trainees will be registered and certified as a RPYT (Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher) through the Yoga Alliance. Some requirements are needed to apply.

Upcoming Training Dates:

Module #1 February 28 to March 1, 2020

Module #2 March 27 to March 29, 2020

Module #3 April 24 to 26, 2020

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