Wired to the Moon Designs.  Created by Laurie Coughlin.


Malas and Tantric Necklaces hand made in Alberta.


They are intended to be used as tools to increase the benefits of meditation.  Each necklace is also made to bring the feeling of Joy and Love to the wearer. 


Laurie has a love of rocks and crystals and is always wearing or carrying one that feels right for the moment.


She believes stones will find their way to the person they are meant to help.  It’s recommended to choose a necklace using intuition and inner wisdom.


Big Love Tantric Necklace


Lovingly made with Rose Quartz, Cherry Quartz, Rhodonite, Pearls and Sterling Silver beads.


Rose Quartz represents the 4th Chakra, found at the Heart centre. It brings Love, Self-Love, Peace, Inner Healing, Compassion and Joy.


Cherry Quartz also expands the energy around the Heart centre.  It allows a greater capacity to give and receive love.


Rhodonite is called the Stone of Love.  It balances energies and is grounding.  It helps to dispel anxiety and promotes coherence during chaotic encounters.


Pearls bring wisdom and strengthen intuition.


If you were drawn to this powerful necklace, the stones are reaching out to you to bring joy, calm and healing to your heart. These aspects will be strengthened with a feeling of grounding and security brought on by a strengthened intuition.  When the Heart is open, it allows Love to be given and received freely. With an open heart there is a sense of peace and joyfulness.


The design of the Tantric Necklace enhances these properties. Use this necklace as a tool for meditation.


Size: The necklace hangs 45cm.


Tantric Necklaces:


Tantric Necklaces are tools for enhancing and deepening the benefits of meditation.  This is accomplished by the geometric pattern of the necklace.  It has been recorded that this design has been used by meditation masters for millennia. 


The necklace is made with 416 beads.  The weave pattern of the necklace creates a unique energy flow.  This enhances the properties of the beads and protects the aura from negativity.

Wired to the Moon Big Love Tantric Necklace