Wired to the Moon Designs.  Created by Laurie Coughlin.


Malas and Tantric Necklaces hand made in Alberta.


They are intended to be used as tools to increase the benefits of meditation.  Each necklace is also made to bring the feeling of Joy and Love to the wearer. 


Laurie has a love of rocks and crystals and is always wearing or carrying one that feels right for the moment.


She believes stones will find their way to the person they are meant to help.  It’s recommended to choose a necklace using intuition and inner wisdom.


Speak Your Truth Mala


Lovingly made with Amazonite, Pearl and Sterling Silver.


Amazonite is the colour of the 5th Chakra, located at the throat. It is the centre of communication and speaking one’s truth.


Pearls bring wisdom and enhance intuition.


If you were drawn to this Mala, the stones are reaching out to you for healing around communication. Life becomes easier when the words spoken are from a place of Love and Compassion.


Included with the Mala are instructions on how to use it as a meditation tool.


Size: Pendant is 3cm long x 2cm wide. The necklace hangs 47cm, including pendant.

Wired to the Moon Speak Your Truth Mala