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As we enter into the final 28 days of the year 2021, we are offering everyone an opportunity to lean in to the support of our collective community with a 28 day meditation practice. No prior meditation experience required, just a willingness to set aside the time for yourself and each other.

It has been scientifically proven that when we meditate over consecutive days it can positively affect our mental health and wellbeing. During the month of December in the Northern Hemisphere we pass through the days with the least amount of sunlight which can be difficult for some even in the best of times. This is our way to celebrate our interconnectedness and our generosity. Through anchoring our meditation practice into the final days of 2021, we are planting a seed within our collective hearts for a brighter future.

Although we start on December 5th and would love for you to join us everyday, if you miss a day or days, don't worry. Feel welcome to come when you can. The live version will happen everyday at 4:30pm until January 1st. If you sign up before then but don't make the live version you will be sent the recording, which can be accessed for 7 days.

NOTE: Please feel welcome to join us in studio for your practice Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday the rest of the days will be online only.

This year each week will have a theme!

December 5th to 11th will be focused on Body Scan meditations

December 12th to 18th will be focused on the question "What is Present?"

December 19th to 25th will be focused on welcoming the light.

December 26th to January 1st will be focused on breath awareness.

Meditations will be led by Anne, George, Tracy and Daemond, and it is our gift to the community. To encourage you to come we will also be offering these great prizes. Each day you attend live you are entered into the draw for:
1st Prize: 6 month unlimited drop-in yoga and meditation pass ($625 value)
2nd Prize: 10 drop-in yoga and meditation passes ($170 value)
3rd Prize: Halfmoon Meditation Cushion + Ananda Essential Oil Diffuser Blend ($90 value)

This is also an opportunity for you to gift to us if you are in the position to do so. We are very grateful our business has survived this year and has been able to be a lifeline for so many. Our future and the future of the small businesses you know and love depends on your support at this time more than ever. Here are the best ways that you can support us at this time:

Daily December 5 2021 - January 1, 2022 | 4:30-5:30 pm | Price by donation, options available at time of registration.

A) When you register for Commit to Sit you select the amount to donate at time of payment (since donations are optional, you can choose FREE, any donations will go to both the studio and teachers). You can choose to pay for each class or pay in full for the 28 days.
B) Invite someone you care about to meditate with us.
C) Consider becoming a member or purchasing a membership or passes at www.yogamcc.com/pricing
D) Buy a gift certificate for future use at www.yogamcc.com/pricing
E) Make an E-Transfer donation to dae@yogamcc.com
F) Send us a message of Gratitude.
G) Write us a review on Google or Facebook.
H) Do your holiday shopping with us. Some of our local and ethically made products are online here: https://www.yogamcc.com/shop


Start your Commit to Sit one day early with the Breathing with Mantra workshop on December 4th!

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This one day workshop lead by Tibetan Bon Lama Geshe YongDong is the perfect pairing with Commit to Sit!

According to Tibetan Bon teachings, we can use our breath and the sound of our own voice to deeply connect to ourselves, to others and to primordial awareness itself. This is done by sounding the sacred syllables or mantras created and given to us by enlightened beings for our benefit. The full meaning and power of a mantra comes by repeating, reciting, or chanting it.

There are trillions of sounds inside of us but we don’t hear them because our mind is too distracted and overwhelmed by all of the sounds around us. This is like not being able to see the stars during the day; they’re still there but the sun outshines them.
In our normal dualistic, ego-state of mind we don’t hear the self-sound that is the nature of all the sounds and we aren't fully aware of our own breath. As with our other senses, perceiving (in this case hearing) is immediately followed by creating associations, interpretations, and fabrications.

However, by consciously shifting into the natural-state of mind, it is possible to actually hear our own inner, self-manifesting sound that is inseparable from the inherent, self-sound of the universe through breathing and chanting meditation practice.

The vibrational energy of our cells, nerves, tissues, muscles, and organs can become diminished, disturbed or distorted. If the damage is persistent and wide spread, our entire life force can be affected.

Because mantras carry the same energy that is the foundation of our body and mind, they can help restore our vibrational frequencies by bringing them into line with their own.

Different mantras have different energetic frequencies and are used for different purposes. Some are used for healing specific diseases or parts of the body. Some connect us to specific enlightened qualities. Some unblock and open specific energy channels or chakras.

Once sounded, it is believed that the vibrations of the mantra continue to flow out indefinitely. This reminds me of the songs of whales that travel through the ocean for hundreds and even thousands of miles.

We can see how everyday music can change our feelings, emotions, and energy level. Music can be exciting and uplifting, liberating the vital energy of our body and mind. It can make us smile, laugh, jump, and dance; it can also bring us to tears and sadness.

Like good music, reciting mantras generates positive energy and well-being. There is no limit to the power of mantric sound when we direct it from our heart using our breath and voice.

Saturday December 4, 2021

10:30am to 12pm, lunch break, 1pm to 2:30pm

Suggested price is $60, this is being offered on a sliding scale, so you can pay what you can.

NOTE: This series is being offered online via Zoom, a link will be sent to you when you signup.

If you miss attending live, a recording will be sent to you that you can access for 1 week.

Lama Geshe YongDong has been a monk for over 37 years to practiced and teach people breathing and chanting mantras.
Now he lives on Vancouver Island, BC and has been there for 20 years and teaches internationally in many countries.