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We are one of the only studios in Calgary to offer customized yoga therapy classes, which is like having a private yoga teacher in a group setting as each student gets a class planned specifically for them!

Each class participant has their own individual program designed for them

Each program is based on the specific goals and needs of the participant 

Each class the group is lead through the same opening, breath awareness, relaxation, and meditation component (each participant may be in a different pose during this section)

Participants then move through an individualized asana program at their own pace


Stretch with Block

"What I love about Customized Yoga Therapy is that it provides me a more personalized approach to teaching yoga. My students and I have time to talk and discuss their practice, and I have an opportunity to learn more about them. I also get to witness the change and transformation of my students directly. Watching them progress in their practice or meet personal goals is incredibly meaningful for me."

- Sherry Norman, Instructor


Perfect for Beginners, People with Injuries or Post-Surgery

There are a variety of folks for which this style of yoga is perfect. Some people are intimidated by regular yoga classes, especially if they are beginners or have tender areas (example sensitive knees) that require modifying different poses. The customized approach allows students to “slow-down” and be mindful of their practice. This can also be particularly helpful when dealing with an injury or post-surgery.

Benefits of Yoga

There is a growing body of research of yoga’s proven benefits for a range of health conditions, including back pain and anxiety. Yoga can also reduce risk factors for cardiovascular disease and hypertension. It has even been documented to alleviate the side effects of cancer treatment. We have discovered that the yoga approach to health and wellness is very powerful, and we are honoured to be part of each student’s journey.

Meet The Instructors

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Sherry Norman

Every time Sherry comes to the mat, she is reminded of the life she wants off her mat - lived in the moment with plenty of room for growth and learning, from herself and others! She is passionate about helping people transform their lives and create more freedom of body and breath. Being in nature is an important resource to help her find her balance. Being a mother is a big part of who she is, her little Buddhas continually challenging her to be ever present in order to discover all the little treasures along the way.

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Suzette O’Byrne

Suzette O’Byrne started working as an educator, instructor and manager in the health and fitness industry in 1989. In addition to being the owner of a successful yoga therapy and personal training business, Suzette is a Master Trainer with Keiser Corporation and TRX Suspension Trainer with Fitness Anywhere. She travels extensively, teaching at conferences, workshops and teacher training programs throughout North America. Suzette is a faculty member with Mount Royal University’s Yoga Therapy Program in Calgary, Alberta and is the author of the book Yoga for the Core: Finding Stability in an Unstable Environment. Suzette's latest yoga training and influences have come from Gert Van Leeuwen, Richard Miller and Susi Hately. Suzette’s credentials include Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology, Yoga Association of Alberta Certified Hatha Yoga Instructor, Yoga Alliance Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (500 level), AFLCA Trainer of Fitness Leaders (Group Fitness,Resistance Training, Older Adults, Aquatic Fitness), Keiser MasterTrainer, TRX Suspension & Group Suspension Trainer, STOTT PILATES* trained mat & reformer instructor, ACE personal trainer and she is the incredibly proud mother of two very fun kids.

I have taken customized yoga classes for several years now. I have extensive arthritis and can no longer keep up with a regular class. Customized yoga  allows me to maintain my yoga practice in a community environment. These classes have helped me to maintain mobility, improve my balance and my posture and strength. Sherry is a very knowledgeable teacher. She understands my physical limitations and has provided guidance and support in developing a safe practice. She is a joy to work with.


—  Elaine S.

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