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Workshops, registered classes, drop-in classes & private sessions designed to promote pelvic floor health from a yoga perspective. These offerings can be taken individually and in any order. See below for the recommended journey.


Introduction to Pelvic Floor Health Yoga

The pelvic floor is a group of muscles that form the basis of our core stability and support for the pelvic organs. Like other muscles in the body, it is not uncommon to experience tightness or weakness in this area. Both hypertonicity and hypotonicity have been associated with a number of health conditions. The most significant issue for women is incontinence (stress and urge), which can greatly impact on the quality of life.

This 2 hour workshop is designed as an introduction to pelvic floor health from a yoga perspective. Students will have an opportunity to evaluate and discover imbalances within their pelvises. We will also explore the importance of posture and breathing in pelvic health and have an opportunity to practice specific yoga poses for common issues.

Interested students from this workshop will be able to continue to build on their pelvic floor health practice in a registered class. Students are encouraged to have a notebook/journal to record their observations and to keep a record of individualized practice. Yoga experience is an asset but not necessary. At this time the workshop is for women only. Should there be enough interest, a similar workshop for men could be offered.

Investment: $50



Deepen Your Understanding and Practice

This 8 week registered class is designed to help students evaluate, build awareness, soften, relax, stretch and strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor.

Each week will focus on a different aspect of pelvic floor health and will include pranayama (breathing exercises) and yoga poses. Continued practice at home is encouraged to get the most out of the class. At the end of 8 weeks students will have a better understanding of whether they are hypertonic (tight), hypotonic (lax) or a combination of both. Students will also know which yoga practices are best suited to their unique circumstance.

Yoga experience is not required, though the ability to comfortably move up/down from the floor is an asset.

Week 1 – The benefits of yoga for our pelvic floor. We will begin with a self-inquiry and yoga poses to familiarize you with basic practice.

Week 2 - A tour of the mysterious world of “Pelvlandia.” We will dive into the function of the pelvic floor and what can go wrong. We will also have an opportunity to move and groove our hips and pelvis.

Week 3 - What the heck is “down there”? We will explore and practice how to isolate the different muscles of the pelvic floor. Not your typical Kegels!

Week 4 - The importance of good breathing and posture for pelvic health. Both standing and seated poses as well as balancing work will be explored.

Week 5 - The Core Connection. What do we mean by strong core? We will assess the core and ways to build better stability in synergy with the pelvic floor.

Week 6 - The core connection continues. It is common for our buttocks to “forget” how to activate properly, this overworks the hip flexors and pelvic floor. We will evaluate the glute muscles and work on some exercises to provide balance.

Week 7 - Hypertonic (tight) pelvic floor and the yoga path. We will explore yoga practices to stretch, relax and release pelvic floor muscles.

Week 8 - Hypotonic (weak) pelvic floor and the yoga path. We will explore yoga practices to build strength and balance stability in muscles of the pelvic floor.

Investment: $200



Practice in Community

Students will be able to continue to build on their pelvic floor health practice and connect with community in a drop-in class. Yoga experience is an asset but not necessary. Each class will include pranayama (breathing exercises) and yoga poses. Drop-in pricing can be found here.



Reach Your Personal Goals

If you are new to yoga or general classes do not fit your schedule or needs, private yoga is an opportunity to work one-on-one. Sherry can tailor a yoga practice to address your unique circumstances in a non-invasive and holistic way. Students have the option of having the sessions recorded to continue the practice at home.


Meet The Instructor

To be honest, for a good part of my life I have ignored what was going on “down there.” There wasn’t a lot of discussion around the table about vaginal pain or incontinence. I had my own challenges particularly with bladder infections and I had tried everything with no success. Yoga opened a path of self-discovery and a deep listening to what my body was trying to say. As a yoga therapist and teacher, I have discovered that many of my students have similar “pelvic stories” that wanted to be heard and healed.  Yoga has a long history as a healing and wellness modality and is a beautiful compliment to other therapies (physiotherapy etc). My workshops and classes are based on my Pelvic Floor Yoga™ Teacher Training with Leslie Howard (Author of Pelvic Liberation: Using Yoga, Self-Inquiry and Breath Awareness for Pelvic Health).  My intention is to provide a safe space for which we can share some of our stories and find a pathway to happy and healthy pelvises.

- Sherry Norman


This class was fantastic! I was encouraged by a friend to take it and Sherry really delivered. I was very impressed by the way Sherry adapted all the poses to be inclusive of others who were unable to go down to the floor. Her tone and statements were encouraging and supportive. The educational aspect of the class was very helpful (wish I had had this years ago)and made the intention of the yoga practice that much more meaningful. I appreciated the weekly video so I could practice in between classes. It was great.


—  Jeannie E.

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