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Corporate Yoga & Meditation


Offering your employees a yoga and mediation session can be a really great team building activity and it also promotes the mental health and well being. We have a deep pool of teachers to draw from that have 10+ years of experience teaching and also have experience teaching corporate classes. We can tailor the class to fit into your needs.


You decide if you would like one class or multiple classes such as weekly or monthly. You also decide what length you would like between 30 minutes and 2 hours typically. You let us know if you want a beginners class or something more advanced. Also, let us know what you are most hoping to accomplish such as building a sense of community amongst your employees or helping encourage them to stay active or supporting them in having a break from sitting at a computer all day.


We are capable of teaching any style of yoga and in hearing your needs will cater the class to match what will work best for your employees.

Email for more information.

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