This somatic restorative immersion marries slow purposeful somatic moment with long head prop supported postures. Soma (living aware) or somatics is the awakened awareness of the body within movement. The difference between restoration and somatics is sensing through stillness verses sensing through movement. Restorative Yoga, through long held, prop supported postures, teaches that even though a pose appears to be still, there is a subtler action going on that involves a symphony of breath and body that brings the entire being into a state of deep repose and release. We will dive deep into the systems of the body and its potent affects. We explore the endocrine and nervous system within a restorative and soma movement framework. The somatic movements mirror our developmental movement patterns and will prepare the body for rest in the restorative pose and specification to individuals and special population needs will be addressed.

This course is open to all who would like to deepen their yoga practice whether you plan to teach a restorative class or not. So much can be gained with the understanding of the adaptations of traditional yoga poses with the utilization of props. With support, energy is received, tension is released, circulation is improved without the need to expend great energy.




Friday Night with our Restorative and Somatic Movement class and discussion:

Experience postures that promote deep relaxation and recuperation. The workshop is a part of the full weekend and will allow you to experience a full somatic restorative class. We will begin with a short discussion of a restful pose, somatic (moving within) movements, breath work, a unique restorative sequence and finish with an extended Yoga Nidra meditation. The sequences and long held poses are designed to support a strong body, mind and spirit connection with strategic placement of Yoga props which will encourage the body to release. The somatic movements between the postures will help facilitate a soma or “living aware” experience by awakening awareness of the body within. These movements will compliment the supported poses by silencing overworked areas.

Saturday and Sunday, we will investigate principals of interoception and somatic exploration:

• investigate key patterns of somatic movement;
• explore alignment principals and propping skills within Restorative Yoga;
• discover a discerning eye and cuing techniques that meet the students where they are today;
• break down of the key restorative poses with focus on how each pose effects the systems of the body;
• practice the fundamentals of somatic movement in relationship to Restorative Yoga;
• utilize props as tools for enhancing a pose in supportive and nurturing ways;
• discover the benefits of regulating the systems of the body, especially the nervous system;
• learn the steps to creating a balanced somatic restorative practice through the structure and sequencing of a class.


Investment Includes: Complete somatic manual, homework mentorship, worth an additional 5 hours CEC’s with Yoga Alliance upon completion.


Melissa Smith, Yoga Alliance ERYT® 500, Yoga Teacher Trainer. A former resident of Calgary and teacher at YogaMCC, Melissa now lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico with her husband and yoga partner, Richard and her youngest son. Her teaching style lends itself toward mindful, slow sustainable asana with for strength, injury prevention, and restoration. With a passion for special populations and their needs, she shares her techniques for developing a discerning eye as a teacher. Her for desire is for teachers to connect and deeply listen within, integrating their own intuition into practice and daily life. As the founder of Pranava Yoga Studio and International Retreats, she organizes annual Caregivers of Alzheimer’s and other Dementias free retreats in Houston; Calgary, and Santa Fe. www.PranavaYoga.Studio



Friday May 22, 6 - 9 pm, $65 + gst


Friday May 22, 6 - 9 pm

Saturday May 23, 12:30 - 5:30pm

Sunday May 24, 1 - 5pm

$275 + gst (Earlybird $225 + gst before April 22)