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50 Hour Retreat Module


Going on “Retreat” is a word in the vocabulary of most serious meditators. In this context, it means to pull back, get inspired, become spacious, look deep within oneself, detox, and find your people. To become a Meditation Teacher, regular retreats can help you to cultivate the foundation within to teach through direct experience with what is. From this place we can share our teachings. The retreat portion of this training is primarily experiential using a wide range of techniques and practices for you to explore the depths of where meditation may go. There will be opportunity for inquiry both within the group and within one’s self. Space will also be held for you to practice teaching meditation within a group setting and to receive feedback from your peers and teachers. There will be periods of silence although this is not a typical silent retreat. We will come together as a community to unveil the depths of illusion within one’s self. This will be your opportunity to explore “What is Meditation and Who am I truly?”


The retreat will be held at URSA Retreat Centre, 1 hour NW of Calgary. It is a beautiful space nestled in the foothills of Alberta. 


Completion of at least two 50 hour modules of the Meditation Teacher Training. As this is an advanced module, it cannot be taken alone as an immersion or as the first module of the 200 Hr or 300 Hr MTT.


  • Pranayama – the regulation of the breath through certain

  • Walking Meditation and Forest Bathing

  • Dharana – Concentration or binding the mind to one place, idea or object

  • Inquiry Processes including dyads

  • Noble Silence

  • Various Meditation Sequences

  • Dhyana – Meditation and resting with What Is

  • Meditation using sound

  • Somatic Meditation Practices

  • Spiritual Teachings

  • Exploring Samadhi and subject merging with object

  • Asana leading into meditation

  • Meditation using Mantra

  • Spinal breathing meditation

  • Open Awareness

  • Meditation using Movement

  • Body scanning meditation

  • Calm Abiding

  • Mettā – Loving Kindness Compassion Meditation

  • You will practice teaching and receive feedback from your peers and


Learning is experiential as well as conceptual. In this training, participants will be supported in developing their personal meditation practice with the intention of incorporating the concepts, techniques and processes learned on retreat as they relate to meditation.

The format will include a balance of lecture, practice, and informal conversation and mentorship.

To help deepen the practice the following will be offered:

  • Recommended readings and a reading assignment prior to the retreat

  • Family units will be formed to practice and develop a meditation series

  • Homework including a dedicated meditation sequence personal practice

  • Personal practice journaling





This course will count toward your 200 Hour or 300 Hour YogaMCC Meditation Teacher Training.


Trevor Yelich

Trevor has explored and studied a wide array of bodymind practices and healing arts over the past 22 years.  The richness of these studies, the gamut of his life experiences, and a deep curiosity about the seamlessly inter-connected mechanisms of mind and body have led to an increasingly integrated approach to healing.  Nūma Somatics was born out of this ongoing exploration and integration. Trevor has delved into numerous healing arts and traditions including Acupuncture, Bodynamic Somatic Psychotherapy, Transformational Breathing, Chi Nei Tsang (Abdominal Massage), Visceral Manipulation, Acutonics® Vibrational Healing, Tuina, Thai Massage, and Bodytalk.  His perspective on healing practices has also been greatly influenced by a myriad of experiences with numerous personal and spiritual growth group processes, North American and Peruvian Shamanism, and a wide range of personal practices including Shaolin Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Qigong, Hatha Yoga, Raja Yoga, Jnana Yoga, Vipassana, Contact Improvisation, and Continuum Movement.  He is currently investigating and studying the renegotiation of trauma through the work of Peter Levine, Somatic Experiencing. In addition to his therapeutic work, Trevor has taught Yoga for 15 years, co-developed and co-facilitated 200-hour yoga teacher trainings for both Trinity Yoga and Gaiatri Yoga, and developed and facilitated Conscious Breathwork Facilitator trainings.  Trevor has had the blessing of sharing these trainings and related workshops all across Canada as well as leading yoga retreats in Canada, Costa Rica, and Peru.


June 10-14, 2020


The URSA Retreat Centre is nestled in 18 acres of truly Albertan streams, trees and wildlife approximately 1 hour NW of Calgary. 


The cost of meals and accommodations for the retreat are not included in the price of the training. Cost for food and accommodation is $480 per person to be paid in full by May10, 2020.

Register for the 200 Hr or 300 Hr Meditation Teacher Training HERE.