50 Hour Retreat Module


Going on “Retreat” is a word in the vocabulary of most serious meditators. In this context, it means to pull back, get inspired, become spacious, look deep within oneself, detox, and find your people. To become a Meditation Teacher, regular retreats can help you to cultivate the foundation within to teach through direct experience with what is. From this place you can share your meditation, whether through your teaching or by living your life with a renewed sense of presence and purpose.

The retreat is primarily experiential using a wide range of techniques and practices for you to explore the depths of where meditation may go. There will be opportunity for inquiry both within the group and within one’s self. There will be periods of silence although this is not a typical silent retreat. We will come together as a community to unveil the depths of illusion within one’s self. This will be your opportunity to explore “What is Meditation and Who am I truly?”

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  • Pranayama – the regulation of the breath through certain

  • Walking Meditation and Forest Bathing

  • Dharana – Concentration or binding the mind to one place, idea or object

  • Inquiry Processes including dyads

  • Noble Silence

  • Various Meditation Sequences

  • Dhyana – Meditation and resting with What Is

  • Meditation using sound

  • Somatic Meditation Practices

  • Spiritual Teachings

  • Exploring Samadhi and subject merging with object

  • Asana leading into meditation

  • Meditation using Mantra

  • Spinal breathing meditation

  • Open Awareness

  • Meditation using Movement

  • Body scanning meditation

  • Calm Abiding

  • Mettā – Loving Kindness Compassion Meditation

  • Gain a greater awareness of your vocal quality and be able to pinpoint areas of improvement.

  • Become more in control of your voice and the message/image it sends.


Learning is experiential as well as conceptual. In this retreat, participants will be supported in developing their personal meditation practice with the intention of incorporating the concepts, techniques and processes learned on retreat as they relate to meditation.

The format will include a balance of lecture, practice, and informal conversation and mentorship.


This course will count toward your 200 Hour or 300 Hour YogaMCC Meditation Teacher Training.


David McAmmond

At age 16, David’s interest in meditation and yoga started from his passionate reading about Eastern philosophy. By 1964 when he turned 20, he was the first Canadian student receiving initiation into Transcendental Meditation (TM), founded by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Although he had a strong practice and connection with the TM group his curiosity had him looking further afield. By the early 70’s he had connected with Swami Sivananda Radha, who was best known for her integration of eastern spiritual practice with western psychology. Her meditative personal development workshops, and her introspective approach to Hatha Yoga captured David’s attention which influenced his teaching later. At the same time David studied and practiced with the Self-Realization Fellowship (SRF) founded by Paramahansa Yogananda. By 1975 teaching Yoga and meditation became David’s full time commitment. The meeting with Anagaraika Dhammadinna in 1978, a nun from the Theravada Buddhist tradition, changed the direction of David’s meditation practice from a concentration form to an insight based form. The next decade until her death in 1990, David participated in her retreats yearly plus daily personal practice and guided study.

Not until 1990 did serious scientific western research on meditation begin. The Dalai Lama encouraged a group of pioneering western scientists to use modern research methods and tools to investigate the neurological basis of a variety of meditation techniques. The results can be observed in David’s current upgrading, practice and teaching.

Anita Sielecki

Anita has been practicing Yoga since 1974. Meditation became more in her focus since the early 90's after completing her Yoga Association of Alberta certification as a Yoga instructor. Around that time, because of her own experience and appreciation of the value gained by participating in live-in retreats, she started organizing (and assisting) ongoing retreats in the Edmonton area with outstanding teachers. In the year 2000 she approached David McAmmond inviting him to teach a series of ongoing Yoga/Meditation retreats that would intent to "Deepening your Practice". To that effect, each participant would commit to all 6 yearly retreats. The series is still running uninterruptedly and they have been collaborating on different teaching and writing projects ever since.

Daemond Mano - Meditation Teacher Training Director, YogaMCC Owner

Daemond grew up in Calgary, but he is a traveler by trade, having visited over 30 countries in his life. One of his favorite things to do is understand how other people live on this earth. Like most of us, he has often wondered why we are here. Daemond has sat with Monks in the Temples of South East Asia and has spent time with Aboriginals in Australia learning about Dreamtime. He has journeyed with Shamans in Central America and created concoctions with witch doctors in Africa. He has read and researched much in the vein of spirituality and science and connections between the two, a field called Epigenetics. Daemond is also very passionate about building community and safe containers for seekers to grow into the highest vision of themselves. For him this all starts with a foundation of friendship. Daemond's primary practices are Meditation and Breathwork. He is certified to teach Clarity Breathwork, Numa Breathwork, and has studied breathwork at the Omega Institute in New York. He is also certified to teach Active Meditations from Osho Humaniversity in Holland, Systemic & Family Constellations, and was given permission to teach the life's work of Zen Master Nissim Amon, a modality called Trilotherapy, which includes Zen Buddhist meditation. He also enjoys integrating sound into his offerings and is certified by Jonathan Goldman in sound healing. He's very passionate about sharing all these tools with the humans around him that feel called to explore the depths of who we are.


August 4th - 8th, 2021



FCJ Retreat Centre in central Calgary. Every student will have a room with there own private bathroom. Cost for meals and accommodation is $480+gst if you plan to attend in person, option to join virtually is also available. 


50 Hour Module: $800 (meals and accommodations not included)

EARLY BIRD: $700 before July 2, 2021

PAYMENT PLAN: Pay a $300 deposit, then pay the remainder before or on the first day of class.

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Cancellation Policy for the 50 Module: Refunds (minus a $300 Administration Fee) are available up to 14 days before the starting date. Send your written cancellation notification to info@yogamcc.com. No refunds on or after the course begins. Deposits are non-refundable.