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We are a team that loves talking to our students to understand their reasons for practice, ensure their safety, and foster a strong sense of community.




YogaMcc has a long history having been founded over 20 years ago by Barbara Ross. Daemond and Veronica became the caretakers of YogaMcc in January 2019.

Over the years Daemond taught meditation, breathwork, sound healing, Trilotherapy, and more. But in 2019, Daemond and Veronica couldn’t shake the feeling that they needed a change to add more meaning to their lives.

They wanted to hold a sacred space for their community. So they took on the ownership of YogaMcc, and a whole new adventure began…



With decades of experience, thousands of students, and countless classes—our team doesn’t just know their stuff, they prove their stuff. From yoga therapy, to pain management, to stress reduction, to fitness, to mindfulness and meditation, the ever-expanding team exists to help you feel great in your body, calm your mind, uplift your spirit… and live life alive!