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This 3 day training is an initiation into a remembrance of our connection with Mother Earth.  Students will be introduced into the Earth, Moon and Sun Acutonics® Tuning forks, with a heavy emphasis on Mother Earth.  We will explore the Earth’s cycles from her 24 hour cycle to her 25, 920 year cycle of the zodiac.  We will discuss how these cycles and movements create a frequency and our interrelationship and interconnection with these frequencies and sound.  Specifically we will discuss how these Earth tones affect the body, mind and Spirit. In addition, students will be introduced to the Moon and Sun Frequency where we will explore our connection to these powerful archetypes and how they affect both the Earth and Human Ecology.  We will explore the history of sound, the effects of sound in the human body, interrelationship between sound and consciousness,  and together, we will explore why sound is such a powerful tool for healing and remembrance.  Students will be guided into a reconnection and deepening their relationship to Mother Earth and the gifts she has to offer.  We will discuss why at this time in our evolution, our connection to Mother Earth is so important.  Students will get attuned to Mother Earth and her gifts.  


“Sound has the power to heal our wounds, ignite our spirit, change consciousness and re-unite us with the divine harmonies and rhythms of the universe.”

-Donna Carey, co-founder of Acutonics® Institute of Integrated Medicine




April 26 to 28, 2024

Each day is 9 -5 pm.


Level 1 Acutonics®: $650*

Students who have already take Level 1 are welcome to attend for the discounted price of $325.

(If Level 1 was not taken at YogaMcc, you will be asked to show your certification to receive the discount.)

Refunds (minus a $200 Administration Fee) are available up to 14 days before the starting date. Send your written cancellation notification to No refunds on or after the day the training begins.

*This class recommends the purchase of tuning fork sets and accessories.

You can order your tuning forks HERE.

Tools recommended for Level 1 are:
There's No Place Like Ohm (2nd Edition) Book
Earth Moon Professional Set (6)
Solar 7th Set
Belted Activator

Watch this short video about the Acutonics® Tuning Forks.



After the Level 1 Acutonics®  Course

The student will:

  • Have an understanding of Earth, Moon, Sun Acutonics®  Tuning forks and a basic understanding of Application of these forks on specific Acupoints

  • Be introduced to distance healing sessions.  Dr. Taylor will describe 3 different ways to set the stage for distance sessions with or without the use of the tuning forks.  She will describe at length the responsibility and ethics involved in distance healing.

  • Have a basic understanding about the history of sound, song, music and how sound has been described as the basis of creation

  • Be introduced to the relationship between sound and sacred geometry

  • Be introduced to the relationship between sound and water

  • Be invited to remember the sacredness of sound, water and Mother Earth

  •  Have a basic understanding of the Natural Laws (Yin Yang Theory, Five Element Theory)  

  • Be invited to deepen or make the connection to Mother Earth and have a deeper appreciation for this relationship at this time of our evolution




Erin Taylor, R.Ac, DTCM, BSc

Erin began her journey into health and healing 27 years ago at the University of Calgary. It was during her degree that she had the great fortune to receive an in depth study of human anatomy and physiology and received a BSC in Kinesiology. In her studies, she was mesmerized by the intelligence of the human body and mind, and how the entire system was coordinated together like a giant symphony. Her curiosity about this intelligence led her to study Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture in Calgary, Canada. It was here that she learned the name of this intelligence that was coordinating all the biological rhythms - Qi or Life Force energy. In her years working with the meridian system and Qi, she was able to understand that she was working with vibration. This is where she found her way to the Acutonics® program. Erin became a certified Acutonics® teacher in 2013.

Her curiosity did not stop there. She had devoted her life’s work into understanding a more esoteric meridian system, the 8 Extraordinary Vessels. Erin could see and feel that these 8 vessels behave very differently from the 12 main meridians. To get a better understanding of her experience with the 8 Extraordinary Vessels, she enrolled at the Quantum University PhD program in Integrative Medicine. It was here that she was able to better understand the strange behaviour of these vessels and develop a quantum lens to deepen her experience with the 8 Extraordinary Vessels.

Presently Erin resides in Calgary, Canada. She has a part time clinical practice and teaches part time at the Calgary College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. Beginning with her studies of the physical body to the quantum field of the 8 Extraordinary Vessels, Erin has deepened her understanding of the multidimensionality of the human bio-spiritual-ecological system. She has made it her life’s work to point people in the direction of their Soul and the remembrance of their multidimensional nature.

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